Chameleon Assessment Page

Owner Name:


Chameleon Species:

Chameleon’s Name:






Chameleon Info:

  1. The Species:
  2. Sex:
  3. Age/Date of Birth:
  4. How long has it been in your care?
  5. Wild Caught or Captive Bred?
  6. How much does it weigh?
  7. How long is it? Head to base of tail (no tail included)



  1. How often do you handle your chameleon?





  1. What bugs do you feed your chameleon?



  1. How many bugs per feeding?
  2. What is your bug schedule?



  1. What are you gut loading your feeders with?




  1. What brand of calcium NO D3 do you use? How often per week?


  1. What brand of calcium WITH D3 do you use? How often per week?



  1. What brand of Multivitamins do you use? How often per week?


  1. What OTHER Supplements do you use? How often?






  1. What kind of watering technique do you use?
  2. How often and how long do you mist?
  3. Do you see your chameleon drinking?
  4. Do you see your chameleon guzzling water each time, like he/her has been without water for days, although he had water earlier that day?






Fecal Description:

  1. Note colors and consistency from recent fecal?


  1. Has the chameleon ever been treated for parasites?
  2. Any previous information about your chameleon that might be useful to help?



Cage Information:


Cage Type:

  1. Describe your cage (glass, screen, combo?/brand)



  1. What are the dimensions of the cage?



  1. What brand of lighting do you use for UVB?
  2. Tube or bulb for UVB? Size?
  3. How often do you replace UVB bulb?
  4. Do you use a Solar Meter to meter UVB output?
  5. Do you use a Heat Bulb for Basking?
  6. What size bulb and brand do you use?
  7. How warm does it get in the basking zone? Can you hold you hand under it for several minutes without feeling too hot/burning?
  8. Do you use a temperature gun?



  1. What temperature range have you created?


  1. What is the temp of the floor of cage
  2. What is the temp of the middle of the cage?
  3. What is the hottest point of the cage on the top/basking area?



  1. What are your Humidity Levels?
  2. How are you creating and maintaining these levels?





  1. Are you using LIVE plants or fake?
  2. If real, What kind?



  1. Do you know if the Live plants are SAFE?



  1. Where is the cage located?



  1. Is it near fans, air vents, or high traffic areas?
  2. At what height is the top of the cage relative to your room floor?






  1. Current Problem?






  1. When did this problem start?
  2. What signs did you notice?




  1. What do you think happened?