Male Nosy Be Panther Chameleon


DOB: 10/19/2009

DOA: 10/21/2011

DOD: Death

DON: Necropsy


Purchase History

Edwardo was at a Pet Store in San Diego, California. While I was living there, I would go in to purchase crickets for my other chameleons. I would say Hi to him while there. Over the months, no one purchased him ($250), and he got an eye infection. His Right eye closed and then weeks later, his mouth started to have problems too.

I started to inquire about what was being done about his “problem”. This was not to judge the Pet Store, but to make sure he got the care he needed and deserved. This was when I realized I wanted to Start the Rescue. They had given him Baytril (I’m guessing they had on hand-no vet visit since problem started), Betadine and Vetericyn LINK HERE.

He had not been to the vet and this worried me (I wanted to get the vet notes for my file). So after meeting with one of the employees, I was able to take Edwardo at no charge. This was very helpful to both of us. I was able to take the money and put towards his vet bills.


Background History


*  Wild Caught from Africa

* Estimated at….. 2 to 2 1/2 years old when I took him in (10/19/11)

* Duration at pet store around 7-9 months

4/1/2011 – eye problem started – pet store used Baytril

9/1/2011 – mouth deterioration – pet store used betadine/diluted

10/19/2011 – I brought home – 1 month before moving back to Ohio


Medical Background History


10/21/2011 – Dr. Greek – Exam, fecal. Nothing noted.

Vets Notes:

* mouth is discolored on right side, upper teeth seemed to be gone.

* Alert, responsive, ENT- missing upper right jaw and portion of lip. Pocket has collected some debris, but otherwise appears to have healed very well. No other bone lesion noted in mouth. Good body condition. Abd palpation NSF. Fecal negative for parasites. Weight 146grams.


12/30/2011 – Dr. Dahlhausen – Exam, stain of bacteria

* Ciprofloxacin – Antibiotic Eye Drops

* Ceftazadime 2.7mg (6 treatments) – every 72hours. Antibiotic Injections


2/17/2012 – Dr. D – Eye shut again.

* Amikacin .37mg (6 treatments) – every 72 hours.

* Ciprofloxacin – Antibiotic Eye Drops

* bad eye opened more – after drops/exam


2/20/2012 – both eyes opening at times, bad eye better

2/23/2012 – both eyes open most of time, seems normal now


3/27/2012 – Dr. D – Re-check

* Amikacin 2.5mg (7 treatments) – every 72 hours. Antibiotic Injection


4/16/2012 – Dr. D – Re-check

* Ciprofloxacin – Antibiotic Eye Drops

* Ceftazadime 3.5mg (7 treatments) – every 72 hours. Antibiotic Injection


5/8/2012 – Dr. D – Deworming and Re-check

* Deworming (meds used…I didn’t write down, but maybe able to ask vet, but I assume Metronidazole and Fenbendazole, since this is what we always use in the past 2 years. )

* Celebrex

* Ceftazadime/Fortaz 20mg. (10 treatments) – every 72 hours. Antibiotic Injection


Asia Notes:

Stopped using the eye instrument to inject Ciprofloxacin into eye. He seems to be better now.

Have noticed within the past 2 months, his grip isn’t as sound. He slips at times and noticed some neck edema, not much.


7/10/2012 – Asia Notes

Eye better. Haven’t used Ciprofloxacin in a few weeks or any shots.

Did notice his neck seems to have some edema?

Edwardo eats well and gets natural sun and well as UVB