Why blog about chameleons?
I have always loved talking about chameleons to people. I get asked a ton of questions and I also want to show what I have been up to, so others can learn from my experiences to help them better in the Industry.
How did you get into chameleons in the first place?
I started working at a local Pet Store to gain basic knowledge about animals (since my Passion was to be a Vet and help those in need). Here, I fell in love with the veiled species.
What is your favorite species?
Having only kept a few types (5), I fell in LOVE with Gregory my Melleri chameleon. Later, to find out he was a she, since they are hard to sex. I grew as a person with her and wanted to best for her, so it spun the fuel to obtain any knowledge I could, so this is why I am doing what I am now.
Why do you go to the Vet Weekly?
Unless something comes up, I prefer to set a Weekly Vet Encounter, to help strengthen the knowledge for these guys. I need to understand them as a “whole”, and this means learning everything I can though wellness/illness.
Do you have any chameleons for sale?

No, not at this time. I take in the sick that need more advanced medical attention, along with Melleri healthy/and sick, to help me learn everything I can about them as a species.
Maybe in a few years, if they breed, will I end up selling some.
What camera do you use to take your photos? 
Although I have a couple professional Nikons, I tend to use my Iphone. I always have my phone with me, and its much easier to work alone if needed.
Do you get paid to recommend any of the products on the blog?
No, I do not. Anything I recommend, its because I have personally used it in my 14 years of experience and learned what works best for me. Not everything I share will be for everyones situation, but we can all learn from each other.
Do you keep any other reptiles?
No, I do not. As cute, as some may be….I want to stay focused. Specifically on Melleri as well as any other sick chameleons that need attention.
Do you make any money from doing this?
Not currently. Its not only time consuming, but will also lighten the wallet a bit, so its my Passion that drives me to do this.

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