Pip Necropsy Report


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September 11, 2014 3pm


DOB – 9.4.10

Took In – 3.4.12

Death – 9.10.14 (10pm-3am)

Necropsy – 9.11.14 (3pm)



Wild Caught


Age: 3.5-4.5 yrs. Old

Weight: 402grams

Length: 31inches (head to tail tip)

SVL: 19inches (tongue to vent)



1. Heart – Normal

* We took some blood from his Heart to preserve for later testing/viral if needed.


2. Liver – Modeling/Mild

* Possibly from post mortem change.

3. Gallbladder – Full


3. Lungs – Prominent Pulmonary Vessels 


4. Stomach – Normal


5. Intestine 

* Acid Fast Done/ Check for Crypto

* NEGATIVE for Crypto


7. Fat Pads – Normal/Good Size


8. Spleen – Normal

11. Kidney – Good


12. Adrenal – Good

Histopathology Report

We sent a Full Set of Tissues in and are awaiting the Results. We will post this once in.

Murphy Necropsy Report


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September 16, 2014 3pm

Murphy – Melleri Chameleon

DOB – 1.27.11

Took In – 1.27.13

Death – 9.16.14 (9am)

Necropsy – 9.16.14 (3pm)



Captive Hatched


Age: 3.8 yrs. Old

Weight: 420grams

* Never really gained much weight in 1.8yrs

Length: 23inches (head to tail tip)

SVL: 18inches (tongue to vent)


1. Foot Pad Lesions – (Left Rear & Right Front)

* Pox- Virus? Waiting to hear back…


2. Lesion inner thigh – (left rear leg)

* too proliferated of a lesion to be a scrape.


3. Fat Pads – Small

* Hemorrhagic on surface


4. Lungs

* Injected blood vessels

* Lumen looks Normal

* Vascular Congestion


What can cause vascular congestion?

  1. Weak Heart, not pumping strong
  2. Venus hypertension



5. Liver – Normal

6. Gallbladder – Normal



7. Heart – Normal

8. Spleen – Normal

9. Stomach – Normal

* 4cc Reasonable per feeding

* Can hold 6cc- Max Stretched/not recommended


10. Intestine – Normal


11. Kidneys – Gout

* Died from Kidney Failure

* More than 80% of Kidney damaged

* Gout/White crystals on surface/uric acid crystals


What is Gout?

Uric Acid buildup. Once there, you can’t get rid of it.

Flair-up is the inflammation caused by the uric acid.

What can cause Gout?

1. Toxins

2. Infections

3. Excess Protein

Can you tell/test how long this has been going on?

No. 😦

Would this show up in a blood test?

Yes, but Only if Kidneys were 80% or worse (Terminal Stages). Not helpful, since there is NO way to fix the problem at this point.

* When kidneys loose 80% of their function, they get sick and die.

12. Abscesses  

* left hip area, 3 on mid – end of tail tip


* The hip abscess had gram + cocci occasionally when we took a sample the prior week.

Abscesses – work their way to the surface

Should you cut open and clean?  Have to be careful if so.

Problems from doing so? You can extend into the Healthy tissue, causing to blow up more.

13. Ankle 

* Left rear

murphy ankle

* Old Fracture/Fibrous tissue

* Whitish material/old infection/abscess

* Dont know if there are any active organisms or not.

How to test for organisms?

murphy tissue details

Histopathology Report

We sent a Full Set of Tissues in and are awaiting the Results. We will post this once in.