First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Asia and I’ve owned Chameleons since I was 16. Over the last 2 years, though, I realized I had a real passion and focus for Chameleons. In that time, I grew to love and cherish every moment I could spend near them and took any chance I got to speak–and now write–about them.


Sharing Chameleon Knowledge

edwardo microscope

Lizard Science, with Edwardo.

I finally accepted this is my mission in life: To learn everything I could and make a real difference in the reptile scene. I decided not only to educate the general public through my experiences, but to help the less-fortunate chameleons along the way.

I have had the pleasure of housing well over twenty-five chameleons throughout the years while actively pursuing knowledge through my weekly vet encounters. I have been able to attend several reptile shows throughout the United States, connecting with other chameleon pioneers, learning new approaches to try. I have been able to write a article for a prestigious online chameleon website which has given me the confidence to further write and publish my findings.

My Article Link

Through the years, I’ve collected information on their illnesses in an attempt to create a prevention program for better overall care and health. This information will be available through my blog, website, Facebook, YouTube, and then eventually a hard-copy book to be sold in stores.

In the future, I hope to achieve my goals of traveling to Africa, to not only observe chameleons in their own environment, but to also document, via a film crew, the joys and perils of importation. I feel bringing awareness to the public is a must if we want to keep our colorful reptile friends alive and well.

As my passion for chameleons grows, so will my knowledge. I can’t wait to learn more with each passing day, help new chameleons along the way and teach all I know to anyone willing to listen.


Melleri Love



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