What would YOU like to learn



What I would have given 14 years ago, to have had someone HOLD my Hand, walk me through how to properly keep a chameleon Successfully for many years.

Reality Though…. I had to learn the Hard way, through experience. I didn’t have internet access at that time, there were no books on keeping them at the library, and I didn’t know of anyone who ever kept one before.

New Beginnings

I worked for a pet store several months before considering my purchase. I learned how to take care of them while there, and in my spare time, took them out, to hand feed and “bond” with them. I knew this was what I wanted to do all the time, not just for work.

I learned later that their Requirements were not being met properly, and this made me struggle enough to find the Knowledge on What and Why I was having problems.


I have been Observing, and gathering more information in 2014, than all the previous years combined, but because I figured out what I want to do, this passion has become easier for me to focus.

I decided that Weekly or Bi-Weekly vet visits would be a great addition to my Knowledge. This way I can focus on each case study with my vet and really get in depth. Only wanting to build my chameleon knowledge, I opted out of vet school, so I could focus. I am very fortunate to have a vet with over 35 years experience in exotics, that is willing to help me understand their problems.

I will be compiling my information and publishing it through my Blog mainly, then other articles and eventually a more in depth Medical Book. I want to help those who keep and work with chameleons through my experiences.

Knowledge is Power! By figuring out what you want to accomplish from keeping a chameleon, this will help you determine the next step.

Keeping Chameleons in Captivity

I believe on working together, I am open to new approaches, with little to no judgment. We all make mistakes. If we can learn from them, others too, we can ALL move forward in our Goals, whatever they maybe.


What are YOUR Goals? What would you like to Learn? How can I help you?

I want to create a Resource for those interested in the Basics, on up to the Intense Medical Problems chameleons can face.

Questions? Please email me at: asia@chameleonrescue.com

If I can’t help, then I can point you in the right direction.

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