Vet Visit 7.14.14

Who went to the vet today:

1. Pip

2. Schaffer


Individual Details…


1. Pip (Male Melleri Chameleon) – 470grams today

photo (41)

* Still eating on own.

* Loosing weight, so this is a “sign” something is wrong

* Color still looks good, strength still good

* Increased Saliva “sign of mouth issue”

*Past couple visits – mouth was clean, but I noticed weight drop, and so this helped me to catch it early

* He has had some trouble “hand feeding”. He tries, but tongue isn’t “tacky” enough to catch the bugs.

*Gram Stain : 

1. Mouth – Thin rods/Trace g- here and there

           *Meds: Amikacin

1. MOUTH (Increased Saliva)

* vet – you are correct, and his gram stain is starting to show “trace g- rods”.

* I knew the past couple weeks something wasn’t right, but his gram stains were “clean” so, we didn’t put on meds, but I saw weight drop and put him on Amikacin (I had on hand) a few days before the last vet visit.

* Medication: Amikacin (1.18mg – 8 injections- every 72hrs.)

* Why Amikacin over Zosyn. I personally think Amikacin has helped more than Zosyn in my experience with Pip. He has been on both separately and together. Amikacin can tax the kidneys, so I will monitor his water intake and make sure he gets what he needs. Hornworms as well to increase fluid intake.



Given @ vet: none

Given @ Home: Amikacin


Mouth Culture:

taken before meds, to send to lab to test bacteria



Recheck in a couple weeks.


2. Schaffer (Male Nosey Be Panther Chameleon) 38grams

photo (41)


* 8 months old

*  Haven’t seen eating on own, doesn’t surprise me, if his mouth hurts

* Color still looks good, strength still good. (Color looks best in shower/of right after/bright blue)

* Drinking water well.

*Just got surrendered to me the day before, was taken to vet and prescribed Amikacin, but guy didn’t think he was well. (He was correct)

*Gram Stain : 

1. Mouth – Moderate – Mod Severe G+ Staph Diplococci

* FIRST time seen in chameleons

           *Meds: Azithromycin- BEST thing for Gram + Staph!

* Was taken to a different vet before this visit. The vet did not do a gram stain. If they would have checked, then could have learned he has Staph Diplococci and that Amikacin (used as a Broad Spectrum Antibiotic), would not work. $120 later, he wasn’t going to be feeling any better and would need another vet visit.  Why it can PAY FOR ITSELF AND SAVE YOUR CHAMELEONS LIFE, to find a PROPER CHAMELEON VET!

1. MOUTH (tooth infection?)6.6.14 noticed

* Crustie was taken from side of mouth by tweezers at home. Didn’t see infected tooth. Mouth just looked “pale”


Left side of mouth, crusties on top lip, easily removed with tweezers. * Due to excess mouth saliva from mouth infection




* vet – has Staph Diplococci (shown on gram stain).

* RBC are low so pale colored mouth. He more than likely has other things going on inside of him. (That the oral dewormer is not going to get). Why we are going with Ivermectin.

* Medication: Ivermectin Injection (instead of Oral dewormer)

When Staph Grows: when it grows, it produces toxins, and those toxins WILL POISON THEM!


Mouth should have a “pinkish” tint to it. -because of RBC.


Looking over the mouth can give you indication for a problem

3. SKIN (noticed upon arrival- 7/13/14)

* vet – not for sure if from old lesion or what?

* Medication: Oral Azithromycin

* Just go with Oral meds. We may lance that in the future. So he can be on Antibiotics 1-1/2 weeks before. To help cut down infection.


Skin lesion




* vet – the acidity of the Amikacin injection is why the skin has discolored/turned white. It will come back to normal.



Given @ vet: Ivermectin

Given @ Home: Azithromycin


Recheck in a couple weeks.

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