Vet Visit 7.11.14

Who went to the vet today:

1. Murphy

2. #4 – Raspberry

3. Baby Bop

4. Darwin

5. Edwardo

6. Picassa


Individual Details…


1. Murphy( Male Melleri Chameleon) – 447grams today

photo (20)

* Still eating on own.

* Minor health Issues, but still need addressing sooner than later.

*Gram Stain : 

1. wax plate – Rare g+, very Rare g-

           *Meds: Gentamician Sulfate Ointment

2. Inside Mouth – Normal Flora

           *Meds: None at this time

1. Left Eye- still shuts occasionally (every other day)

* vet – corneal tissue “dry”

* Medication: Flurbiprofen – daily(see if difference) vs. 1x per 2 weeks


2. Increased Saliva (past few days)

* no bacteria, so just observe

* Medication: None at this time.


3. Wax Plate Removal (today)

* vet – Superficial Irritation in corner of mouth

* Medication: Gentamicin Sulfate Ointment/daily


Wax Plate Comparison


2. # 4 Raspberry (Female Melleri Chameleon) – 145grams today

photo (31)


* Still eating on own.

* Giving Carnivore Care 1cc-daily to help Boost Immune System

* Wobbly when walking

* Seems semi – weak

* Semi Urgent health Issues, need to figure out something quickly

*Gram Stain : 

1. Mouth – Mild Mixed g+/g-

           *Meds: Zosyn Injection

1. KNOTS (noticed since last visit)

* vet – not MBD

*Took Sample from Right Hip – DIF Quick = Lymphocytes, Hetrophils and Bacteria/g+ & g- cocci

* Medication: Amikacin Gel (injected into elbow and hip)



DIF Quick


Sample from #4 Right Hip


Hip Fluid to be Stained

photo (37)

DIF Quick – Lymphocytes, Hetrophil, Bacteria G+/G- cocci


Amikacin Gel Injection

* Left Front Elbow & Right Hip (1 injection lasts 7-10 days)


Injection of Amikacin Gel into Elbow


3. Baby Bop (Female Melleri Chameleon) – 199grams

photo (41)

* Still eating on own, hard time hand feeding, tongue isn’t as “sticky”.

* Semi Concerned, mouth infections can be deadly if not treated ASAP.

* Red Tongue (noticed 7.7.14) – given Oral Cipro-same day, til vet visit. (7.11.14)

* Same Reddening – like Darwin’s Tongue. Compare.

* Swabbed mouth for Culture and Gram Stain 7.7.14 (did before starting meds)

*Gram Stain : 

1. Inside Mouth- Mild g+, Moderate small g- Rods

* g- rods more than Darwin, but similar.

           *Meds: Zosyn – injections (7)

1. Red Tongue

* vet – swelling, and thinks this happened from bugs

* Medication: stop Cipro ( doesn’t seem to be working)

Start Zosyn (7 injections)


Tongue Comparison 



4. Darwin (Male Veiled Chameleon) – 157grams

photo (41) copy 3

* Still eating on own.

* Red Tongue/Mouth Bacteria

* Has been addressed…. but..

1. want to change medicine (don’t feel it’s working)

2.  “in person” compare Baby Bop to his mouth.

*Gram Stain : 

1. Mouth – Mild g+, Mild Small g- Rods

           *Meds: Zosyn (7 injections)

1. Red Tongue

* vet – should have been better after 36 days on Cipro, so take off and START Zosyn

* Medication: Zosyn

photo (41) copy 2

Darwin Tongue


5. Edwardo (Male Nosey Be Panther Chameleon) – 245grams

photo (41) copy 4

* Handfed only, eats superworms, silkworms and hornworms. 1cc of Carnivore care daily

* Still having trouble gripping things

* Re-checking FIlarial worms/medicine

*Gram Stain : 

1. Mouth – Mild  to Moderate Mixed g+, g-

           *Meds: Zosyn (7 injections)

1. Quick Blood Smear/ Re-evaluate Filarial Worms

* vet – less worms, slowly progressing, thought they would have all been gone by this treatment.

* Medication: Ivermectin #6 treatment

photo (41) copy 5

Pulling Blood for a Quick Blood Smear, to see the difference in Filarial Worms, a few weeks after his last Ivermectin Treatment


Less worms than before, but still there

2. Grip Issues Still

* Mental effort to grip. He walks more, but falls easier than before. Why?

* Nervous System Problems?

* X-Ray – to be done soon. The machine was broke when I went before the visit, but now waiting to be fixed, then we will address his situation after. 


Photos from video captured of Edwardo trying to climb and falling super easy

3. Sensitive when you touch his tail (more so in the middle)

* Just noticed 2 weeks or less. When you touch his tail, he sometimes “jolts” up and “jerks”. Seems like it is painful. Why?

* X-ray – to check, then reassess. 

6. Picassa- (Female Veiled Chameleon) – 226grams

photo (41) copy 11

* Still eating on own.

* Watching her for a friend for the Summer

* Just wanting to make sure she is well. I have NEVER had a veiled that weighed this much with eggs.

* Still has 30 days til digging, if she lays in 90 days


* Rule out Follicular Statitis

*Gram Stain : 

1. Mouth – Normal

           *Meds: None


* vet – she is doing well, and should have no problems.

* Medication: none


Profile view with eggs


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